I'm Emil Molander.

Do you speak Swedish but not as well as you'd like? Do you need to take that last step to make you feel secure when speaking? Or are you a beginner who wants to get a flying start? I'll help you!

As a textbook author, an exam creator and a registered teacher of Swedish as a second language, I've been teaching adult immigrants for ten years. My area of expertise is medical Swedish for foreigners who wish to work in the Swedish health care sector.

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Private Swedish classes

in Östersund or where ever you are

Gather a group of friends and go get the language skills you need, once and for all. Or book private tutoring for your particular needs. Why should you settle for a half-decent language? Let's meet in a pleasant environment in central Östersund (next to the bus station) and do what it takes to make your Swedish just as good as you want it to be. It's never too late!

Don't live in Jämtland? Too bad, but we can meet online too. Or do you want me to come to you?

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Textbooks for professional Swedish

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Medical Swedish

I've been teaching foreign doctors since 2010 and have a vast skillset in the field of medical Swedish. In May of 2018, I published Kroppen på svenska – Illustrated Medical Swedish Book of Anatomy. Since 2015 I have a contract with Region Jämtland Härjedalen to teach Swedish to doctors recruited abroad.

In collaboration with Bee Swedish I run PYS validering AB, training foreign doctors and validating their knowledge of the Swedish language, in order for them to apply for a Swedish medical license with the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

Exams and assessment

Since 2016 I'm an exam leader and developer for the PYS medicin C1 exam in cooperation with two colleagues. This is a medical Swedish exam and can be taken by foreign doctors, dentists and nurses, three times per year in Stockholm, or on special demand at other occasions.

The exam is accepted by Socialstyrelsen as a proof of language skills when applying for a Swedish medical license, and it also shows future employers that you medical Swedish skills are what they need to be.

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Blog about professional Swedish

(in Swedish only)

My first blog post on the teaching of professional Swedish (yrkessvenska) was written in 2014 and the blog has generated many interesting contacts with teachers all around Sweden. Read my blog to find out more about how my text books were written.

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Katarzyna Inglot


Mycket bra upplägg av hela kursen och enskilda lektioner. Jag tyckte om den fina  balansen mellan en grundlig genomgång av grammatik och uttal och flexibilitet beroende vad kom under lektionen. Emil är mycket trevlig och kreativ pedagog samtidigt som han är noga med att ge strukturerad feedback på allt vad du skriver och läser. Superbra,  vill varmt rekommendera!



Head of education

Emil is what we wanted. He is extremely knowledgeable and committed, and shows structure with the students, which makes him a popular teacher.


Kristoffer Inglot


I would like to give warm recommendations to attend language classes with Yrkessvenska.se. All the lessons were given in a pleasant and fun way. I felt that Emil had a precise concept of what needed to be improved in order to take my language to the next level.

By that I mean better pronunciation, prosody, intonation, a richer vocabulary and grammatical aspects, i.e. everything that you need to be able to communicate on an advanced level in different contexts, not only at work.

To be able to express yourself better in Swedish as a foreigner can increase your prestige, and because of that, these classes gave me a lot, personally, and I can recommend Emil as an amazing and very committed Swedish teacher.

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Don't settle for half-decent Swedish!

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